PATG353: Sword Fights and Parrot Bites

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Recording Date - 02 / Dec / 2018

The Gang - Puke & Brett

Intro - “Instrumental Experiment 6” by  Mike Carano


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~ PCL #002: Puke Inebriated in the Woods


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~ Ask PATG Anything ~



~ Could you explain in great detail what’s wrong about Teslas and self-driving cars?

~ How much wood could Andrew Chuck if Andrew could Chuck wood?

~ Would you bang this Trump fan?


~ What's the best way to handle a road rage incident? Also, why doesn't Andrew have a dash cam?


~ Is Andrew dead?

Mark B. :

~ Why didn't Puke pursue a career in aviation after getting out of the army?


~ What is the theme?

~ Who is the perfect woman in you and Pukes eyes


~ How do you feel about the free state project? And why do you think it went that way?........I know its lame but I figured it was a better question then... would you rather fuck your grandfather or be retarded?

  1. Harvey:

~ What is your opinion on emojis ?

Rich M. :

~ If Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite what would her dick number be?

~ Does Mausman feed diarrhetics to old man to make biofuel for future man?

~ Why was Khufu’s pyramid base / height roughly equal to pi when there’s no relationship to circles in pyramid construction?

~ Do you reflect on older episodes and the paths your lives have taken? It’s an impressive journey.

~ Do you do butt stuff before the shows, after, or during the breaks?


~ When Andrew was a kid, did he do crazy things with his friends?


~ What do you guys vape. Flavors/ Devices ?


~ What's your biggest regrets?

~ What's the worst thing you've ever done? (Nothing that includes alcohol for Brett, we've heard those stories)

~ Will you bring back the podocaust? It was my most favoritest thing ever!