Puke & the Gang formed when three strangers came together in a failed attempt to save a woman who slipped on ice and broke her hip. From that blood-bath emerged a rag-tag group of erstwhile freedom-fighting pod-cast re-bels. Hyphenated words abounded! Now you can enjoy Puke, Andrew, & (maybe) Nick every week as we tell our silly stories, complain about everything, commentate on the news, and generally talk about things your mother won't approve of. On occasion our friends join us to share the nonsense. Give us a listen and we guarantee you'll be pleasantly indifferent.


Born in a Tibetan monastery section of Wal-Mart, Puke learned at an early age that monkeys are hideous devil creatures. That has nothing to do with podcasting... or so you would think... and so the monkeys want you to think...

Not much is known about Andrew's past. He was found aboard a cargo ship bound for Sweden carrying a various selection of TV dinners and artwork of dogs playing poker. Despite having a full beard when he was found, it was believed that he was around the age of 11. Andrew had no memory of his past or how he came to be mixed with the ship's cargo. Since then he has never been able to recreate the glory of the facial hair in coincidence with his mysterious past.

Spun off his own project and can now be found over at "News With Nick":   http://www.newswithnick.com



PATG Podcast

461 Cochran Rd. PMB216

Pittsburgh, PA 15228



“Each and every one of you get my sexual feelings going.” - Alyson the Canadian

“I'm interested in wrecking this already wrecked show!” - Mandrik

“If the show can get any better, I'm going to have an orgasm.” - Boner Joe

“Puke and the Gang can go fuck itself!” - Der Schless

“THE BEST PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE!” - Nyal, the Norwegian Guy

“I like when Luthor gets interrupted.” - James Stein

“More offensive than Free Keene .com.” - And Stuff

“You guys last half an hour.” - Antigone

“I learn lots of new adult words from Julia” - Author Tarrin Lupo

“You guys are so so so much dirtier than Wheels Off Liberty ever was.” Author Tarrin Lupo

“You guys are fucking idiots…bunch of malicious, immature assholes.” The Horrible Roommate


Luthor was born to a poor vacuum salesman and a professional stamp licker. Luthor helped earn for his family by becoming the youngest, straight male prostitute in the tri-county area. A good time, to him, is hunting wild poodles with a pointy stick.

She’s not Luthor’s sister, Luthor is her brother. Julia was born first dammit! It is evident that she is the good twin.