527: Not Your Superior Caucasoid

Episode 527: Let’s buy hearing aids and sunglasses. Where did the best whites come from? Pittsburgh ABNB shooting. Are the cops to blame? Crypto and stocks crash. New backpack for few underwear. TIME magazines from the (alleged) moon landing.

526: 1-1001, Wipe; 1-1002, Wipe

Episode 526: We’re back from Ohio! And Portugal. We see a super-rare Miata and Andrew’s new engine. A visit to depressing New Kensington, PA. Pronouns. Driving like it’s 1997. COVID test disaster. Joe Pera. Mask free flying. When did Andrew poop?

524: Crab Divorce

Episode 524: Nick Pecone reveals the world of black women’s hair via a Chris Rock documentary that no one has talked about post “slap”. Andrew doesn’t get his phone fixed. Elon Musk isn’t a good-guy. Spotify is garbage. What is a tapestry? GI distress. Nostril distress.

523: The Worst People In the World Hardly Exist

Episode 523: Is putty a plot to ruin the show? Flat Earth debate. Are we allowed to go to Antarctica? DAVOs daily YouTube videos are insane! Deaf history month is a thing. Would you prefer deaf or blind? Andrew goes to see The Slackers again. Are the groundhogs winning the battle or is Puke? Andrew scares the loud-music gym teens. Brett’s pants.

522: The Night of a Thousand Farts

Episode 522: Pong-bot Alexa powered bluetooth robot. The slippery slope of slippers. Gaming the credit card companies. Portugal. Binaural Beats. Pastrami and Corned Beef differences. Hamburger helper days. Puke is at war with groundhogs. Recognizing our cognitive bias in regards to news stories. No more masks.

520: Woke Wash

Episode 520: JFK assassination theories. Poorly stored meat. Pizza cheese and cheese on pizza. Puke officially owns his house now. When does the wind blow most? The way it juiced to be, pulp that is. Puke buys all the seltzer. Pallets of beer. The dark side of the 90’s. Beverley Hills 90210. Andrew watches a movie about his hero, “Ted K”. A great Burt Reynolds movie, “Hooper”. Crazy Arron’s Thinking Putty.

519: Nobody Knows What a Zebra’s Like

Episode 519: We review the movie “Don’t Look Up” and it’s ridiculous one dimensional caricatures of the so-called “science denier. Apparently it’s a good movie when you realize how silly the premise is in relation to current events. Biden says the dumbest things about inflation. Andrew talks about “The Revenant” blink controversy. What is the height of a giraffe’s pussy? Elizabeth Holmes’ fake voice.

518: No Man Can Get These Pants Off of My Hips

Episode 518: An upset occurs on the Puke-Pong table. Learning the rules and tricks of ping-pong. Ladies of pong. The monkey foot. Andrew finds a portmanteau group. Brett’s review of Demolition Man. More 90’s movies. Ukraine opinions. Oil Prices. Andrew never waits in line. Fancy steak house. Farts. Slipper addiction. Puke realizes he should be wearing black undershirts that can also be normal teeshirts.