411: Portmanshoe

Episode 411: Danger daycare. Podcast Tinder profile. Brett interviewed on a popular podcast. Sous vide or crockpot cooking? Unexpected cheddar tasting. More Tinder. Musical instruments. Jack-day. Terrible shoes for the gym. Outwitting the Devil.

409: Red Dad Redemption

Episode 409: Changing shirts and socks. PGH busses are killing people. Andrew almost gets an Obama phone. A good interaction with a cop. Name submissions for the basement studio. Too good at closing doors. Gutter oil. Can’t go into any bars because an ex might be there. The disturbing trend of taboo family porn and daughter swapping porn.

408: Jewpiter

Episode 408: So many stories about and restaurants and grocery stores and oils. Brett rails against oils and how Andrew boils steak. An encounter at the Trader Joe’s with Andrew’s Mom. Pot wafting roommates. A pizza place tows Andrew’s truck. A book review on the madness of media. A challenge is made to buy something from an adult store.

The Discomfort Zone – S03E04: Blast & Cruise

Alex Bell and Drew Sample join Andrew and Brett for a discussion about habit change. The conversation focuses around Drew, who would like change his relationship with alcohol and improve his relationship with fitness. Andrew, Alex, and Brett share their challenges and successes with both abstinence and athletic pursuits.

407: De Niro Death Experience

Episode 407: Throwing fish across the Allegheny river. Trying to befriend Pittsburgh YouTuber Dean Bog. Coffee shop work failures. Grinding exquisite beans. Mr. Rogers fucks. Andrew is starving. Movies we’ve seen or want to see. Iran conflict. A De Niro escape room dream. Mail from a listener.

406: I Should Be a T-Man

Episode 406: First episode from our new studio filled with our old stuff. Brett is traveling from NH and has to pee. We recap Xmas and NYE adventures. There are several near-death experiences. We decide to delete the Facebook Page. Fridge alarms, door mastery, Star Wars, Uber driver dinner, and the betrayal of tea.

405: I’m Not Jewish Enough for This: A Christmas Special

Episode 405: Get into the Christmas spirit you brain damaged misanthrope. Andrew’s no-prep lifestyle backfires but he finds his bunny butt. Brett wants a female co-host from Tinder or PornHub. We also discuss terrible malls, gas station coffee dispensers, a package from a listener, Christmas lights, portion control, and learn that the shortest day of the year is different in Estonia from Pittsburgh.