491: Anamishnously

Episode 491: Should we make the show into an NFT? Andrew gets mad about that and rants about Kaczynski and the Amish. Alex thinks all Amish kick chickens. Brett gets a cops attention because of a stupid bus. Alex notices a new coffee maker. How many steps are in Pittsburgh? Fancy cocktail party with robots. Did one of us have a heart attack at the gym? Pickleball.

490: Traitor Joe’s

Episode 490: Andrew is reunited with his precious Honda CRV. Brett had quite the adventure with the CRV in New Hampshire. Gym update. What is “nut to butt”? Our fun weekend in Pittsburgh after Ep489 with Alex, Drew, and Nick. Why is our coffee maker broken? Andrew hates birthdays.

488: Midwest Puke and Liberty Fest

Episode 488: Recorded before a high studio audience at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest in Michigan. We fought through a horde of mosquitoes and boogaloo LARPers for an impromptu presentation of our most sophisticated toilet humor. We only lost half the crowd by the end of the show and Eric (from “in the chat” fame) gave us a gift! At one point the speakers exploded with horrid feedback.

486: Three Clicks Below Retard

Episode 486: Our 10 year anniversary is here! Or is it? We’ll never agree. Stephen Colbert, old CNN propaganda, reading children’s books in Spanish, slipper disaster, socks by the pound, gym successes and failures, is Andrew a stalker? Puke’s studio cat, Niko has passed away and emotions get heated. Thanks whiskey!