429: How About a Chair for That Hole?

Episode 429: This is a show that’s going to get us into trouble! Have you heard about the riots? Who wants a free podium? We’re now in the Green Phase! Sunburn skin removal. Dicks in jacuzzi jets. Jews ruin brisket. Problems with modern women. Indian smells. Getting fact-checked by Instagram.

428: I Ate Breakfast

Episode 428: A delightful Memorial Day weekend adventure in the wild and wonderful Horse Vagina. Snowshoe Mountain Resort, kayaking, hiking, National Radio Quiet Zone, breakfast, bars, Mothman, and mountain roads in a Miata.

427: PortionManSheau

Episode 427: Magic Spoon! The delightful Paul Gaudino. Family photos. Ghost tours. Gordon the trolley tour guide. Family vacations. Pale pink house. Pilot or drive? White privilege pull-over. Truck sold. Who’s shirt is that? $50 haircut. Sock styles. Anti-social sex in a city when watching Sex In the City. Shout out!

426: Capricious Salad

Episode 426: Andrew is now a sun lovin’ man back from the beach. He buys a second Miata and it immediately breaks down. Puke drinks 150mL of Whiskey from an Erlenmeyer Flask, talks to his dying Father, removes snow-tires, and watched Ray Donovan. Andrew asks; How has life changed? What are our goal barriers? Can driving be meditation?

425: Ugh! I Have to Have Fun Now?

Episode 425: Andrew & Alex are sweating it out in Savannah, GA. They’ve been in restaurants and bars like people used to do back in the olden days. Andrew prevents a lady from getting taken by a car dealership. Alex gives investment advice. Puke does chores and discovers audio books.

424: Ruin Bran

Episode 424: The (allegedly) most healthy cereal, the (definitively) least healthy cereals, & an unwanted cereal invader. How are raisins up to no good? Why is the Acura Integra selling for so much? Mint vs Pistachio. Spitting in mouths. Shaving it all off. IKEA annoyances. Getting social media out of our lives for good.