552: Habubleh of the Seas

Episode 552: We have Chinese for Thanksgiving and Gabriela’s birthday. Is pizza worth it? What is borborygmus? Andrew keeps getting sexualized game ads. Mah…noor. The Colorado gay-club shooter used our defense tactic. Brett is a DJ. Puke fixes an iPad. Women need to stop yelling at old men. Puke goes to a museum filled with offensive displays.

551: Dinner at Stinky’s

Episode 551: We’re back after 2 weeks of being sick. Did Andrew’s healthy eating lead to sickness? Is Stinky’s Bar a good place to get imitation crab? Movie reviews! The Way, Way Back, Weird Al, Young Guns 2, Mom & Dad. Snakes and spiders. Trump lovers. Car accidents. The latest crypto scandal. Tits are a lie!

549: CTRL+F the N-Word

Episode 549: Brett missed school working on the slitter. Who has school spirit? Is that contrarian or conformist? Finding religion. The Fetterman / Oz debate. Puke steps on a nail. Bio-Freeze. A drunken accident. Is it an S212 or a W212 Mercedes? Voting debate. Black man listens to soul music at the diner. Soul karaoke.

548 Ham Dads

Episode 548: Brett has a snake retraction. Does Andrew hate crawdads or crawfish? Homonym or homophone? Deer attack! Bear attack! Shark attack! Throwing Momma from a train. Latin root quiz. Dumb shower thoughts from Puke about autonomous cars and drinking. Andrew helps Brett decide on a new car. Mercedes, Volvo, Buick, Mazda, or minivan? BREAKING NEWS from Nick!

547: Snake Maps

Episode 547: Markers and pencils. Parties and weddings. Lakes and oceans. How many Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin snakes are there in the world and how many people die every year? The Grateful Dead. Supplements. Andrew dreams of death. The NYC nuclear bomb PSA. Poe’s Law. Pfizer revelation. Having a huka date. Alex Jones makes Andrew enraged when he gets everything wrong about a car video. Puke is the groundhog!

546: I Think There Is Going To Be Some AIDS

Episode 546: It’s the end of September and Puke is now officially old. We debate hibernation, piss-ghosts, bear facts, and womb-mates. Trailer reviews of “Precious”, “The Dilemma”, and “Brawl In Cell Block 99”. Someone is hit by another car. Puke has a spate of roadkill tragedies. Andrew looks at Cincinnati from Kentucky. We need to take control of our own lives despite the ever shrinking free world.

545: Piss Ghost

Episode 545: Stay awake Sunday night as long as you can. To hell with Monday! Andrew and Brett explore a house filled with many terrifying treasures. Was there a raccoon under a mountain of pizza boxes? Was there poo on the comic books? Does pee soaked into the floor boards remain forever as a piss-ghost?

543: Haggis, Haggis, Beans and Faggis

Episode 543: Ear-Rape and the Gang. Puke has many tales of woe regarding his house projects. Brett has too much trash. Oriental Stranded Bored. Andrew will autocross his rebuilt Miata. The Queen of England died. But even more tragic, Butler, PA legend Paul Gaudino also died. Where do fingernail clippings go?