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Recording Date - 25 / Nov / 2012

Show Leader - [Nick]

This is not a standard show. Please go back and listen to a previous episode.

Intro song: Richard A. Mills - Rebecca Black - BLACK FRIDAY SONG

  • Black Friday Crowd hits the thing:

  • Dad takes his kids to watch the show:

  • The Dad:

  • Walmart Black Friday Fight CNN / HLN:

  • Gifts (Batteries, Panera gift cards).

  • Staples HDMI Cables.

  • Small Business Saturday and April Drools Day.

  • I didn't win the lottery yet:

  • Flat tire.

  • I drank vinegar by accident, but it probably made me healthy:

  • Tom Cotter is coming to Keene:

  • Glass Bathroom:

  • Parents make girl hold sign:

  • Brown Friday?

Ending song: The Slender Man Song

Nick gets licked