PCL217: What If the Toes Were In the Pipes?

PCL217: Sunglasses ~ Photo coasters ~ Photo puzzle ~ Weighted Vest ~ Overflowing basement shit pipes. ~ Puke needs more problems. ~ Andrew likes having problems. ~ Why we think Brett left. ~ We still love doing the show. ~ It’s so late! ~ Chevy Beretta ~ We should go hiking! ~ Who’s going to win the election? ~ Will it get better or worse?

448: LawnMoper Man

Episode 448: Andrew buys a bunch of racing gear, goes racing, gets sweaty and gross feet; then dresses the mannequin. Puke should sell his house now and is all mopey about it because he’s a gopher. A new app idea, talking to a photographer guy, being afraid of the dark, pride in Butler County fighting the man, intermittent fasting, and creating a home gym.

447: Idahteau

Episode 447: Let’s try tequila for a change! Amy wants to sell foot fetish fotos which makes Andrew extremely angry. Puke reveals his own foot photos and problems from the recent trip out west. Puke has been getting out and photographing the city. Andrew invents a new show Puke should produce. We also rant about masks again, bike lanes, Dippy the Dinosaur, fire-retardant underwear, donating clothes, karate, and fighting the city over property rights.

446: Sock Portfolio

Episode 446: Just an unemployed podcaster and a crash victim telling their tales. Puke tries to find the right shirt, has expensive socks, and is too mopey without a job. Andrew get rear-ended, loves karate movies, tries to help Puke get motivated, and is going racing in Massachusetts next week.

445: Disinfected Elbow

Episode 445: Our friends from New Hampshire The Chat Says & Macy stop by on their way thru Pittsburgh. Puke and Andrew had just flown in from Denver and we discuss our last days adventure in Colorado. Mainly how we missed our flight by about one minute b/c of stupid COVID rules. Also; Instagram husbands, Wisconsin cheese, Puke curses too much, architecture, supper clubs, and the Bridge of Sighs.

444: Smoker’s Gills

Episode 444: Northwest Adventures, part 7. Our trip is over and we have to fly back home. That doesn’t go very well. We hike the Loveland Pass but Puke can’t breathe at 12000 feet. Puke doesn’t get to see a moose. We give our camping gear to a hippy guy. Denver is really flat! This has been a fantastic adventure.

443: Squirrelbone Ranch

Episode 443: Northwest Adventures, part 6. We camp in the car and it sucked. We look at the stars in fear of animal attack. We just touch a corner of Utah, which is gorgeous. Andrew eats a waffle. We pass a crazy place called Skullbone Ranch and try to buy a skull.