PCL219: Dark Sheen

PCL 219: Employment landscape
~ [a] Tax goals ~ Puke is a lazy idiot ~ [p] Paint sheen ~ [a] I’m going to help Puke for 1 hour a day ~ Remembering teachers.
~ Setting a goal ~ Repeat everything again b/c Puke is a moron ~ [p] Depressed about life.

PCL217: What If the Toes Were In the Pipes?

PCL217: Sunglasses ~ Photo coasters ~ Photo puzzle ~ Weighted Vest ~ Overflowing basement shit pipes. ~ Puke needs more problems. ~ Andrew likes having problems. ~ Why we think Brett left. ~ We still love doing the show. ~ It’s so late! ~ Chevy Beretta ~ We should go hiking! ~ Who’s going to win the election? ~ Will it get better or worse?

PCL212: Confronting Death

PCL212: Puke’s father doesn’t have much longer to live and he doesn’t know what he should do to help. Andrew’s also has issues with ailing grandparents and worries that he’s the only responsible family member left.