546: I Think There Is Going To Be Some AIDS

Episode 546: It’s the end of September and Puke is now officially old. We debate hibernation, piss-ghosts, bear facts, and womb-mates. Trailer reviews of “Precious”, “The Dilemma”, and “Brawl In Cell Block 99”. Someone is hit by another car. Puke has a spate of roadkill tragedies. Andrew looks at Cincinnati from Kentucky. We need to take control of our own lives despite the ever shrinking free world.

545: Piss Ghost

Episode 545: Stay awake Sunday night as long as you can. To hell with Monday! Andrew and Brett explore a house filled with many terrifying treasures. Was there a raccoon under a mountain of pizza boxes? Was there poo on the comic books? Does pee soaked into the floor boards remain forever as a piss-ghost?

543: Haggis, Haggis, Beans and Faggis

Episode 543: Ear-Rape and the Gang. Puke has many tales of woe regarding his house projects. Brett has too much trash. Oriental Stranded Bored. Andrew will autocross his rebuilt Miata. The Queen of England died. But even more tragic, Butler, PA legend Paul Gaudino also died. Where do fingernail clippings go?

541: Bukake Holocasut

Episode 541: Danny & Alice are here to ruin PGH for Andrew. Brett touches Steven Tyler’s scarf. Pronouns. Narcissism. Externalizing the solution. Andrew helps an annoying hobo lady. The Gipper! The new Pinocchio movie with Tom Hanks. Corn. Boxed lasagna. DALL-E AI art generator.

540: Droptical Illusion

Episode 540: Brett went the worst places from his younger years in Vermont. A pallet of cigarettes. Ayn Rand novels. Puke has his worst number SNAFU. What makes stickers possible? The groundhog shadow knows. Chad vs Brad. Puke leaves work. Brett eats nachos. Andrew over-napped and had a dream.

539: Dungeoneers

Episode 539: We realize that we’ve become a prop-show. Puke buys too many airsoft guns. You have to shoot your friends. Producers and consumers. The Classic South Carolina Sunset. Pirates. Bubble tea. Angel or Devil food cake? A two story Taco Bell.

538: Kung Poo!

Episode 538: We get called “city folk” in a dive bar. Glitter liquor. Naked Ninja Warrior. Gold prospecting. How revolvers work. Don’t shoot at the neighbors! What makes an actress attractive? How much money to eat poop? Did you get the vaccine? Eating bugs.