486: Three Clicks Below Retard

Episode 486: Our 10 year anniversary is here! Or is it? We’ll never agree. Stephen Colbert, old CNN propaganda, reading children’s books in Spanish, slipper disaster, socks by the pound, gym successes and failures, is Andrew a stalker? Puke’s studio cat, Niko has passed away and emotions get heated. Thanks whiskey!

485: Two Clicks Above Retard

Episode 485: We argue over when the 10 year anniversary is. Brett is under attack by NH Dems. Andrew wants a Facebook friend. How smart are we? Are retards happy? Corky from Life Goes On. Andrew narrowly avoids death in his Miata. Brett thinks he’s Asian. Puke recommends a book about Afghanistan that is helping him cope with his past.

484: We’re a History Show!

Episode 484: Welcome to all of our NSA listening party fans! We are doing our best to not spread misinformation. That’s a lie and so are the Aztec horse-gods. Can you breath with flour-mouth? Fuck meme culture. E-world. Getting caught. The Amish. Andrew’s gravesite. A massage gun. Global currency conspiracy. Bitcoin.

483: Japan Dick Fair

Episode 483: We experience The BIG Butler Fair! Rides, Trump people, fried food, goats, and a demolition derby. Videos and photos on our Instagram and Facebook group. Puke finally gets to see and photograph the Pittsburgh Fourth of July fireworks.

482: My Dad Tied Me To a Cinder Block

Episode 482: Andrew has had a bad week of fuck-ups made worse by his mother ruining his plans. Did our parents really teach us anything? Plunger update and controversy. The land of a thousand islands and no dressing. Brett wants a slave island. Choking on Amish popcorn. The female Nick. A classic South Carolina Early Morning Park Fight.

481: My Love Is Not a PsyOp

Episode 481: Andrew is out of town so Puke, Brett, and Gabriela are here to discuss the latest vaccine conspiracies. Racist drug stores. Pegged pants. Brett’s lack of vision. Why would anyone live in California? Brett’s friend hates the Jews. Gabriela gets slap bracelet money. Birthing persons.