PCL224: How to Get Puke Fired

Recording Date – 28 / Nov / 2020 Intro Song – “Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust” by Super Suckers   Talkings About –  ~ Going over the mountain to Nevada ~ Genoa, NV ~ Nevada’s oldest thirst parlor.  ~ Whiskey breakfast ~ Topaz Lake ~ Leviathan Mine Rd ~ This could get Puke fired.  ~ […]

PCL223: CA 2 – Schmillicon Valley

Recording Date – 22 / Nov / 2020 Intro Song – “Full House Theme Song” Talkings About – ~ Sample chowder. ~ Hiking Mission Peak ~ Fry’s Electronics ~ Apple Visitors Center at the mothership ~ Extremely Asian area. ~ USS Hornet Sea, Air, & Space Museum ~ Capitola Beach ~ Capitola Venetian Hotel ~ […]

PCL222: CA 1 – Schmillicon Valley

Recording Date – 22 / Nov / 2020 Intro Song – “Suck My Dick 2020” by  Little Big Talkings About – ~ Visiting Monterey, CA and Point Lobos. ~ Bixby Creek Bridge ~ New photo gear, returned. ~ Newer photo gear. / Kase Wolverine Magnetic Filter System ~ The trip so far. ~ Noise cancelling […]

PCL221: Waiting for Puke

PCL221: Andrew is waiting for Puke to start the show because Puke doesn’t understand time zones. While he waits Andrew talks to the chat about any number of things. While you can’t see the chat text, we think you can infer what the conversation is about anyway and think you’ll enjoy it.

451: I Panicked

Episode 451: Puke forgot he updated the email a year ago. Andrew is shocked we have a YouTube channel. Where is the album artwork? An angry detective. Puke’s last week of unemployment. Tax burden. Held hostage by Verizon. Puke causes a woman to road rage. Some of Andrew’s trip to Tennessee.

PCL219: Dark Sheen

PCL 219: Employment landscape
~ [a] Tax goals ~ Puke is a lazy idiot ~ [p] Paint sheen ~ [a] I’m going to help Puke for 1 hour a day ~ Remembering teachers.
~ Setting a goal ~ Repeat everything again b/c Puke is a moron ~ [p] Depressed about life.

450: Yeahcuhdaihkahla… Learning

Episode 450: Moar soap! Puke gets his house ready for sale. learning about rules and punji pits. Andrew is fighting a ticket 7 hours away. Cupolas! Becoming a river king of real estate. Dollywood. Crazy covid lady in a candy store. Sitcom mashups. Andrew won’t listen to his body.