510: Skip To the Part Where You Die

Episode 510: How’s the weather? Then it goes downhill from there. Andrew sees more cops and feels less free in NH. A retarded man tells us to fuck off. Puke’s car gets damaged. Brett loves model trains. Workplace injuries. Planet fitness hate. When is the sunrise. Brett and Andrew try to do math to figure out the Earth Number (TM).

509: It’s Pronounced Chupacabra

Episode 509: Happy New Year! Do you remember drinks with chewy bubbles in them? Micheal Keaton. Andrew visits a bar that “King Pin” was filmed at. Will the CRV get better soon? What is thrust alignment? Movies were better before 9/11. Top Gun! Yellowstone! Beandana? Salad gifts for Brett. The rocketbook. Phishing emails. Andrew is going to Boston.

508: Pittsburgh, Hello! … and Beware of the Nanowires!

Episode 508: Merry Christmas! Sorry for the bad audio. Brett is in NH and about to visit Boston. Andrew likes living in horse country. The “science” of weighted blankets. VR mini-golf and ping-pong. Q-amom. What does “based” even mean? Andrew ruins his back. Puke rants about taxes, Andrew rants about Puke’s rant. Fearful people are the most dangerous. Twice stolen burritos in Columbus.

507: Do You Have a Pen Or What?

Episode 507: What is the lowest scoring football game? COVID signs trying to be cute. How to spell some Polish guys name. Elites can’t control the information. B & G go to the wrong bar. Xmas gifts from Gabriela. Andrew goes to Miami and parties like a rock star. There was a buffet! Yacht. No homeless in Miami. Fuck Uber. Where are the tokens?

506: Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship

Episode 506: We just got back from the gym and didn’t fill the trough. What is horchata? Andrew likes being called “Mister”. The bodybuilder toothbrush. Rage against the GrubHub. Owen or Luke Wilson? Don Jon. Andrew’s sewer is clogged again. Puke water heater is dead. Go pee in the yard. Andrew again interrogates and berates Puke about his involvement in NFT’s.

505: El Pollo Asesino

Episode 505: Andrew and Alex are back from Nicaragua. Shocking news about Puke’s cold last week. Brett goes to a tarot card reading. We start a new gang called the Scrabbly Bois. What is a henge? Chicken assassination. Alex takes too long to buy art. Andrew almost fights a Nica trying to scam him. How much cheese? Monkeys! Suspicious items clogging Andrew’s plumbing. Nicaragua has the loudest music.

504: Underground Lesbian Tunnels

Episode 504: Puke is filled with mouse poop dust after the move. Hunters are everywhere around the new studio. Brett prepared a full Thanksgiving feast and doxxes his whole family. There are too many seltzers. Dinner with angry feminists. How are people living in different realties? Are the hypnotized? The Omicron variant is coming to kill us all!

503: Just Retarded

Episode 503: We finally have a new studio in an unfinished basement. It’s been a crazy week of moving. The mannequin and podium are back! There are rugs hanging from the ceiling. What name will Danny and Alice choose? Did Andrew get hit on by a Scottish man?

502: Up Tits

Episode 502: Portmansheau is on the move again. The Butler basement studio is gone and awaiting its new home. In the meantime, we are recording at Brett’s sexy lounge style studio on a casting couch. Nacho dinner. Andrew is homeless with many homes. Matthew Lesko. Spork. What is a neck gator? We have a listener porn star. Giant rugs. Cold dips in the morning.