472: Barfelona

Episode 472: Alex is back from his adventure to Texas. We discuss Bass Pro Shop, West Memphis, the Mississippi River, tornadoes, and what to do in Oklahoma. Puke visits Taco Bell. Brett looks at a cunty mirror. Andrew, Puke, and Alex are going to Nicaragua.

471: Business Dancer

Episode 471: How can we make this podcast last forever? Andrew reconciling his father passing away. Dishwasher hate. Andrew gives advice to Tim. We need an official business meeting dancer. Puke sells his house. The tax man is fucking us all.

467: Washing a Toddler

Episode 467: Should men own pets? Learning how and when to shower. A torturous audio ordeal. Puke’s new Air BNB and house sale. Andrew has old man pains. The people of CA are pummeled by fear.