467: Washing a Toddler

Episode 467: Should men own pets? Learning how and when to shower. A torturous audio ordeal. Puke’s new Air BNB and house sale. Andrew has old man pains. The people of CA are pummeled by fear.

465: You know what? Boy butt!

Episode 465: Puke is now in LA and surrounded by the loudest of people in an ABNB that isn’t a stand-alone house. Andrew and Brett went to South Carolina for the pineapples. What would you do if you would die in five minutes? Trying to pee in a cup inside of a car.

463: The Sacrificial Lamp

Episode 463: We’ve decided to change the format of the show to a coffee table book. Are women more attractive based on their name alone? Should a man wear slippers outside the house? Will VR ruin the world? What is the problem with the new gym? We answer none of these questions.