501: Stop the Rimming

Episode 501: Puke is making too much noise in the gym, but so are the teens. Different ways to try intermittent fasting and other bio-hacking. Pizza Twist! Seinfeld is Andrew’s guide to life. Are we entering a “Fourth Turning” of humanity? Trundle Manor. Andrew’s back is broken again. Why don’t we eat more lamb? PUMP!

499: Paper Mâché Comedy

Episode 499: An angry man sends emails. Should men use emojis? Gabriela goes to a climbing gym. Andrew discovers Seinfeld memes. Dune. Trying to explain what this show is to a stranger. What is blue comedy? Crypto rants from Andrew. Everything Puke loves is under attack. The fourth largest Amish community in the world. Puke’s eyebrows need plucked.

496: Piss Fish

Episode 496: Pittsburgh loses a bird. German Christmas ornaments. Movies! Garbage modern art. The Johnstown Flood. Did Brett give out his phone number? Is that how he got hacked? Hanging with BBQ guys. Puke gets obsessed with NFT’s. Salad dressing.

494: Peanut Butter Death Kid to the Rescue

Episode 494: It’s the end of September! How do bears hibernate? We never find out. Instead, we discuss the Pittsburgh Fatties Social Club and cliche industrial themed coffee shops. Who invited this cat? There are too many peppers. Tiny spoons of poop being mailed to a lab. Brett does to a colonial fair. Andrew doesn’t wear a mask. Is Pittsburgh falling apart as we witness a street corner fight.

493: Poopitraitor

Episode 493: It’s a full house! Author of the book “Story of Nowhere” Danny and his wife Alice are visiting Pittsburgh. This turned into a very long show! We discussed in no particular order; Asians, Amish, detergent, tofu, dating an Amish, not dating an Amish, smelly curry, body odor, city garbage, shipping containers, Lex Luthor, Australia, vaccine mandates, unions, Gung Ho with Micheal Keaton, the black community, St. Patrick’s Day parade in September, a poopitraitor in the house, found underwear, poop analysis, Pittsburgh drivers, ping pong, and Nicki Minaj!