558: Numbered Fuck Moves

Episode 558: Mom in VR while making a roast. Confabulation with the billiards chalk. Ari Shaffir at the Pittsburgh Improv. Andrew gets and award but prefers walking on icy grass. Sheetz gas. Puke screams at a Penguins hockey game. Fonzie has fuck numbers. Who can name the most sports teams mascots?

557: Bomp Skiddilly Dip Skip Dip Guy

Episode 557: It’s a new year and new gym people are doing bizarre and disgusting things in the locker rooms. We watch a fat guy belly dance on TikTok. Andrew laments on the purpose of exercise. Danzig. Andrew is looking for a cabin in the woods, no alpacas this time.

556: I’m Not Eating Pepperoni and Going To Bed! I’m Eating Pepperoni and Going To Work.

Episode 556: We’re back from the break! Bullets, snacks, finding a bar for New Year’s Eve! Brett sees a kiss in Hershey, PA. How to pronounce “Ye”. Is it cake? New Hampshire Christmas with Brett’s family. A new car. Ruined sleep. Biological classifications. Lewd-sounding town names. A return to the gym. Andrew gets offended by a lady at Gooski’s.

555: Climb Kount Milimanjaro

Episode 555: Six people podcast! Andrew wants Penguins box-seats. Brett hates Tom Hanks stand-up comedy. Cortisol spikes after the Poliquin Shock Method workout. Everyone has some sort of medical ailment. Drew puts in the hard work to improve himself. Various national anthems. Andrew has a stow-away in his Miata. Helping Larry move extremely heavy things to the top floor of his new house. Endless poop drops.

554: Skipping Butthole Day

Episode 554: Brett has decided on his new car. Andrew gets a thousand spam calls. Puke says Pittsburbs. How to get a Mercedes loaner. Right turns. Andrew wants to buy an alpaca farm. Larry needs help in the bathroom. Put a chip in your head. Gym women, hot gym men, new gym routines. Was Alexa worth it?

553: The Boy Who Didn’t Wipe Good

Episode 553: PGH needs more troll stories. Russian hard-bass. Brett needs sleep. Andrew is taking smelly pills for the gains. Who is the Liver King? Women at the gym. Keto Pop-Tarts. A boy gets kidnapped at a day-camp. The latest crypto collapse. Was that a zebra, a goat, or a sheep? The new Elvis movie trailer. Nick sends us an AI generated breadstick song. SBF/FTX time-travel theory. War, Inc.

552: Habubleh of the Seas

Episode 552: We have Chinese for Thanksgiving and Gabriela’s birthday. Is pizza worth it? What is borborygmus? Andrew keeps getting sexualized game ads. Mah…noor. The Colorado gay-club shooter used our defense tactic. Brett is a DJ. Puke fixes an iPad. Women need to stop yelling at old men. Puke goes to a museum filled with offensive displays.

551: Dinner at Stinky’s

Episode 551: We’re back after 2 weeks of being sick. Did Andrew’s healthy eating lead to sickness? Is Stinky’s Bar a good place to get imitation crab? Movie reviews! The Way, Way Back, Weird Al, Young Guns 2, Mom & Dad. Snakes and spiders. Trump lovers. Car accidents. The latest crypto scandal. Tits are a lie!

549: CTRL+F the N-Word

Episode 549: Brett missed school working on the slitter. Who has school spirit? Is that contrarian or conformist? Finding religion. The Fetterman / Oz debate. Puke steps on a nail. Bio-Freeze. A drunken accident. Is it an S212 or a W212 Mercedes? Voting debate. Black man listens to soul music at the diner. Soul karaoke.