PATG397: Shoes On, Dick Out

Episode 397: We want to define our culture of excellence and toilet humor. Andrew smashes eggs and spiders with his left hand. Puke offends the down syndros and invents super personas. Brett wants to count everything and put those numbers on a shirt.

PATG395: Atreyu from Karate Kid

Episode 395: Puke and Andrew learn about their religious childhoods while Brett learns about gnomes.

90’s movie trailers, seder dinner, a trip to South Carolina, Pirates baseball, and the best Miata in the US.

Then we rip into teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

PATG394: Skatermelon

Episode 394: More portmanteaus than a 90’s ska band! Puke punches his finances in the dick. Brett gets a watermelon from his car. Andrew is a bar grandpa. Sex in socks, long toenails, beaker, and ska music documentary.