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Recording Date - 05 / Aug / 2012
Music picked by - Puke

The Gang: Puke, Andrew, Julia, Mark

Intro Song -

Guest -
  • [Name] Mark Edge
  • [About] Host of Free Talk Live radio show and Edgington Post podcast
  • Mark Edge was raised by a traveling snake oil salesman until a tragic accident involving a Dachsund landed him in the care of Carnival Freaks who encouraged him to perform various jobs in the Circus. Edge eventually tired of the constant stench of animal droppings and got a job in a salt factory where the workers introduced the enamored youth to Vaudeville. Soon he was traveling the country, developing his communication skills on hecklers in the crowd. During an impromptu performance in the swamps of the bayou in Louisana where he made sweet, sweet love with a Voodoo Witch, Edge heard about the new fad sweeping the land: Ray-dee-oh. The rest is history.
  • [URL] www.FreeTalkLive.com / wwwMarkEdgeMedia.com

Host intros -
  • [andrew] Julia, I took your advice.

Curmudgeon Corner -
  • [andrew] The County Fair

Shove it in your pie-hole -


Media-Gasm -
  • [Puke]

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  • Thanks to Mike the Stepchild, Peter, Brad, and J_Whit.

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Mark Had a stroke when he was getting dressed.

This weeks gang.

“Yeah, I got this in prison. What of it?”

Non-edible packing peanuts.

JERKY! Thanks Karunt; it was very salty.