556: I’m Not Eating Pepperoni and Going To Bed! I’m Eating Pepperoni and Going To Work.

Episode 556: We’re back from the break! Bullets, snacks, finding a bar for New Year’s Eve! Brett sees a kiss in Hershey, PA. How to pronounce “Ye”. Is it cake? New Hampshire Christmas with Brett’s family. A new car. Ruined sleep. Biological classifications. Lewd-sounding town names. A return to the gym. Andrew gets offended by a lady at Gooski’s.

555: Climb Kount Milimanjaro

Episode 555: Six people podcast! Andrew wants Penguins box-seats. Brett hates Tom Hanks stand-up comedy. Cortisol spikes after the Poliquin Shock Method workout. Everyone has some sort of medical ailment. Drew puts in the hard work to improve himself. Various national anthems. Andrew has a stow-away in his Miata. Helping Larry move extremely heavy things to the top floor of his new house. Endless poop drops.

554: Skipping Butthole Day

Episode 554: Brett has decided on his new car. Andrew gets a thousand spam calls. Puke says Pittsburbs. How to get a Mercedes loaner. Right turns. Andrew wants to buy an alpaca farm. Larry needs help in the bathroom. Put a chip in your head. Gym women, hot gym men, new gym routines. Was Alexa worth it?

553: The Boy Who Didn’t Wipe Good

Episode 553: PGH needs more troll stories. Russian hard-bass. Brett needs sleep. Andrew is taking smelly pills for the gains. Who is the Liver King? Women at the gym. Keto Pop-Tarts. A boy gets kidnapped at a day-camp. The latest crypto collapse. Was that a zebra, a goat, or a sheep? The new Elvis movie trailer. Nick sends us an AI generated breadstick song. SBF/FTX time-travel theory. War, Inc.

552: Habubleh of the Seas

Episode 552: We have Chinese for Thanksgiving and Gabriela’s birthday. Is pizza worth it? What is borborygmus? Andrew keeps getting sexualized game ads. Mah…noor. The Colorado gay-club shooter used our defense tactic. Brett is a DJ. Puke fixes an iPad. Women need to stop yelling at old men. Puke goes to a museum filled with offensive displays.

551: Dinner at Stinky’s

Episode 551: We’re back after 2 weeks of being sick. Did Andrew’s healthy eating lead to sickness? Is Stinky’s Bar a good place to get imitation crab? Movie reviews! The Way, Way Back, Weird Al, Young Guns 2, Mom & Dad. Snakes and spiders. Trump lovers. Car accidents. The latest crypto scandal. Tits are a lie!

549: CTRL+F the N-Word

Episode 549: Brett missed school working on the slitter. Who has school spirit? Is that contrarian or conformist? Finding religion. The Fetterman / Oz debate. Puke steps on a nail. Bio-Freeze. A drunken accident. Is it an S212 or a W212 Mercedes? Voting debate. Black man listens to soul music at the diner. Soul karaoke.

548 Ham Dads

Episode 548: Brett has a snake retraction. Does Andrew hate crawdads or crawfish? Homonym or homophone? Deer attack! Bear attack! Shark attack! Throwing Momma from a train. Latin root quiz. Dumb shower thoughts from Puke about autonomous cars and drinking. Andrew helps Brett decide on a new car. Mercedes, Volvo, Buick, Mazda, or minivan? BREAKING NEWS from Nick!

547: Snake Maps

Episode 547: Markers and pencils. Parties and weddings. Lakes and oceans. How many Cottonmouth/Water Moccasin snakes are there in the world and how many people die every year? The Grateful Dead. Supplements. Andrew dreams of death. The NYC nuclear bomb PSA. Poe’s Law. Pfizer revelation. Having a huka date. Alex Jones makes Andrew enraged when he gets everything wrong about a car video. Puke is the groundhog!