The Discomfort Zone – S20E20: Honestly, Here’s What Happened


Relationships often strain and break because of what isn't being said, or because of what we don't even know how to say. So here we try to say it all.  

In late April 2020, we got into a very heated argument on Portmansheau podcast, seemingly over what would or wouldn't happen for the rest of the year with C0VlD and its fallout, and then we didn't speak for almost seven months.  

We argued on this show all the time, for fun and comedy, but this time was clearly different. Neither one of us understood exactly why until recently, and it turned out to be far more complex (and uncomfortable) than we thought.  

Recorded while driving around dawn on I-75 south in southern Georgia and northern Florida on December 25th, 2020. It's probably the most revealing conversation we've ever had, so prepare for far more discomfort than usual.  And join us for Season 4 coming in 2021!  


"Truth Comes Knocking" by The Slackers     

"Fire" by The Black Seeds     

"Manthem" by The Bouncing Souls     

"Barricades" by The Cat Empire